Baking & Cooking:

All you need to know about animal ingredients in a list. Animal Ingredients

How to make organic vegan food coloring at home. Food Coloring

Awesome vegan baking and cooking site. Post Punk Kitchen


Turn your T-shirts into Blankets. Project Repat

Eco & Socially conscious Clothing, Beauty, & Lifestyle. White Apricot

Healthy Lifestyle:

Vegan resource guide. Cool Vegan

Exercise, Yoga, Wellness. MindBodyGreen

Vegan lifestyle guide. Vegansaurus

Vegan Community that Inspires and Educates and a whole lot more! Viva La Vegan

Awesome travel restaurant guide for vegans. Will Travel For Vegan Food

Very Powerful blog/articles about life. ZenHabits


A new non-profit trying to reach out to many. Evolve For Animals

Animal Rights Non-profit which reveals hidden truths about factory farming. Mercy for Animals

A multi-media site to help you create change for animals. Our Hen House

Working to spread the word of veganism to everyone. Vegan Outreach


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