my_thoughts_create_my_reality__by_art_is_extasy-d4sbr0pOur thoughts create our own reality. When we focus on what we don’t have. On what we are missing out on. When we start to ask why everything seems to be far from our reach and how come nothing is working out, we have to stop and listen. Listen to the thoughts we are creating in our heads. We have to be true to ourselves and remind ourselves that our thought process is more powerful than we know. Focusing on the negatives will create more negative. We will start to create this gap in our lives, creating scarcity in our lives thus projecting insecurities that need not to exist. Once we remind ourselves that we have all that we need and all the answers we are searching for lies within us, we will start to feel secure again. We will not only bring peace into our hearts and minds but into our lives as well. “Abundance is not measured by your resources but through your ideas about your life”.


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